What is professional organising?

As an APDO-registered Professional Organiser, I work directly with clients, offering guidance, encouragement, support, strategies and practical help to organise various aspects of their homes or offices – and their lives. Just like the counselling process, this can range from occasional sessions to help get you started or when things get stuck, to long-term and fairly intensive work to completely transform your living or work space.

 Personal decluttering and home organising

Everyone can use a little help getting things sorted when life feels overwhelming. Clearer Living is about taking control, understanding yourself and creating an efficient home or work environment
that makes sense to you.

Starting the work of clearing or reorganising your home is a big undertaking, and we will work together to make the process as manageable and hopefully even enjoyable as possible. I bring the same warm, empathic approach to organising and decluttering as I do to my counselling work, allowing you to set the pace and scale of what we do.

I may be able to help you if you:

• Lose things often
• Feel 'suffocated' by clutter
• Are expecting a new baby
• Have recently moved or are preparing to move
• Have your house on the market, but are struggling to sell
• Are left to sort a friend or relative's house following a bereavement

While I am unfortunately not able to take discarded items away for you, I am happy to help you find
the right places to dispose of or donate belongings you no longer need. In some circumstances, we
may need to hire a skip or arrange for collection of items, and I can help make the process as
smooth as possible.

We will always begin our work by trying to understand the problems, and proceed together to
decide the scope of what you want at the end of the organising process. Please don't make a special
effort to tidy the house before I arrive; being able to see particular problem areas or identify habits
is actually very helpful in creating a living space that works with, rather than against you!

Decluttering can be physically tiring and also very emotionally draining, and it is important to
consider your own needs and reactions as we work. If you decide it would be helpful, we can
incorporate a 50 minute counselling session at the beginning or end of an organising session at a discounted price.

For a full list of my current rates, please refer to my pricing page or contact me directly to discuss your situation.