Online counselling and support

Why online counselling?

Face-to-face counselling is a unique relationship that can be enormously beneficial, but increasingly some people feel that the traditional counselling setup doesn't work for them. You may work hours or have responsibilities that make fitting sessions in difficult. You may have limited mobility or transport options, or simply find the cost of face-to-face sessions prohibitive.

Others may find the whole concept of counselling too intimidating or overwhelming to face coming to see a counsellor, even if you know it would be helpful. While these are worries that may become less significant for you in time, online counselling can be a way of 'easing in' to a counselling relationship – or it may be the only counselling you need.

You may not even feel you need counselling, but rather a supportive and empathetic person checking in on you from time-to-time. If this is you, then email counselling might be your preferred option; see below for details.

Live-chat sessions

These take place over Skype (which can be downloaded here). Where internet connection allows, I usually encourage the use of video chat to make the conversation feel more connected and to be able to see each others' body language as we would in a physical counselling session. If you would prefer to use text-based chat, however, that can be accommodated; there is great power in both speaking things out loud and writing them down.

Just as with face-to-face counselling, live-chat sessions last 50 minutes and usually take place weekly; please see my counselling page for more information about what I offer and how I work.

Email counselling

While not for everyone, email counselling has its own unique advantages. With email, there is no pressure – you have time to consider carefully what you write, and to reflect on how you feel about it while doing so. It also allows me time to fully process everything you have said, and to give each part the attention and response that it deserves. An email session is comprised of one email from you and one (minimum 500 word) response from me, although if there are things in your initial email that I would like to clarify before responding I may do so.

Depending on your situation, you may wish to set up a new, private email dedicated to our sessions, or if preferred you can write the content of your email in a password-protected file and attach it to an email. One of the main advantages that online counselling has is allowing you to feel comfortable, so I do my best to accommodate whatever measures you feel are necessary for that to be the case.

If you would prefer a one-off email session, please let me know this in your initial enquiry. If, after that session, you feel you would like more, that is something we can talk through at a later point. For information about the fees for online counselling, please see the pricing page.